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A hypercube is the 4-dimensional equivalent of a cube.

Sure, three-dimensional is cool. Why not be four-dimensional?

You don't have to have an ugly site just so more people can access it. Having a "slick" site doesn't mean you give up functionality or cater only to certain users.

You'll find hyper3media is not just your average graphic designer / web developer. We see your company's big picture and will help you push all your design and media goals into the fourth dimension.

Tessa Blakeley Silver is the founder and lead developer of hyper3media LLC. April Hodge Silver collaborates on CakePHP consulting and development and the occasional WordPress project.

About Tessa Blakeley Silver:

Tessa's background is in print design and traditional illustration. Her expertise in Multimedia development with Adobe/Macromedia products started over 10 years ago creating CD Roms using Lingo and Director. She's been using Flash since version 2 and has grown with Adobe/Macromedia authoring tools and ActionScript ever since.

While she was with PricewaterhouseCoopers, she was given the opportunity to take charge of extensive projects with big name clients. Her involvement with PwC's East Region MCS department helped her to develop and fine-tune her design, programming and strategic planning skills.

Tessa continued to develop those skills in 1999 with an opportunity to be the Creative Director for a music site, which pushed the envelope in design creativity and streaming media capabilities.

In 2001 Tessa was the Lead Generator Consultant and a Flash ActionScript Programmer for J. Walter Thompson and The Diamond Trading Company (formerly known as DeBeers). She worked directly with the Digital JWT team for over 8 months to create an elegant and intuitive environment to browse and search over 1,000 pieces of jewelry for the Design Gallery within adiamondisforever.com.

In 2002, Tessa took a break from freelancing to join eHigherEducation, an online Learning and Training company where she became the Vice President and Executive Director of Interactive Technologies helping eHE develop compelling multimedia simulations, interactions and games while meeting clients technical needs and industry compliances like 508, AICC and SCORM.

Tessa is a 1996 graduate of NEC's Phoenix Art Center. She has an Associates of Specialized Business Degree for Advertising Design, as well as certificates in multimedia development from University of the Arts in Philadelphia and is an expert in several programming languages. Tessa is a published author for Packt Publishing and also an active member of the Freelancer's Union, the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and the Web Standards Group (WSG). She is also a US Consultant and volunteer for TeamTechies.org

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