Our Flash Methodology

To Flash or not to Flash?

We take that question seriously at hyper3media.

We will work with you to assess your target market, product, current technology capabilities and needs to determine if having a Flash based site or enhanced site content is right for you. When it comes to having streaming media on your site, we currently recommend having all your content under the Flash player.

"We use Flash to it's fullest potential, ONLY if it is of potential."

Adobe's Flash player boasts a 96.8%** saturation rate in the current web market. Meaning the majority of your your users are already able to view your enhanced content with no initial set up time or lengthy download of player plug-ins and active x controls like as with many other streaming media products.

The more animated and interactive, the better.

Studies done by Stanford University* and Forbes magazine conclude that "People feel more comfortable interacting with an on screen character, even if it isn't a video..." and that interaction with virtual characters can "increase the trust that users place in online experiences"

We don't just leave it at that. We're experts in Smart Architecture. We don't just build your Flash content, we also make sure we simultaneously develop a "non-plugin" alternative to your content. We then detect what platform, browser and Flash player version your user is using to serve your content up in the most seamless format possible. Don't let users click away from your site frustrated that they don't have the proper browser or plug-ins. They probably won't come back.

"Let us put our Flash expertise to work for you."

We use Flash to it's fullest potential, ONLY if it is of potential. Sure, Forbes, Stanford University and Adobe/Macromedia should not be discounted, but facts are facts. And as cool as Flash is, some target markets just don't respond to it. If used improperly, Flash content can distract users and delay them from taking action. If not deployed properly, users can leave your site altogether rather than deal with trying to install something they're technically insecure about how to handle.

CD Roms / Stand Alone Applications.

We also use Flash to create CD Roms and Stand alone software applications. Screen savers, active desktops, mp3 and video players, "Smart" Applications and CD Roms that connect to the web and self update. If you can dream it, we can build it for you!

After our consultation and assessment, we'll tell you if Flash content is right for you. Much of the content we create for Flash can also be effectively leveraged in basic HTML/XHTML, text and static image format. This is essential if your company must deal with mature target markets, bandwidth restrictions and 508 compliance for disabled users.

* - Download the full Stanford University report. Requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader Plug-in. Click here to get it.

** - Based on the Flash player version 6 which supports video. Higher saturation rates apply to lower version players.

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