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Adobe® Flash® is a browser plugin and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that has grown and expanded into several development and deployment platforms.

Flash, in an odd way, is where the web started for us. Originally a commercial illustrator and Macromedia Director developer (for CDRoms) in the 90's, Tessa was introduced to Flash 2 by a Macromedia consultant in 1998 as a way to better port multimedia over to her employer's micro sites. We've been developing with Flash ever since and our experience and knowledge of developing for the web has grown around it (Tessa's very first HTML tag? The object embed tag for the Shockwave plugin).

We've grown with Flash and ActionScript into full-fledged ActionScript 3.0, object oriented programmers and we look forward to continuing to grow with the Flash Professional IDE and development tools like Flex for platforms like Flash Lite and Adobe Air where ever they lead.... into HTML5 canvas rendering and even fully compiled iPhone apps (Hey Adobe, hurry up and release CS5)!

ActionScript 2.0 & ActionScript 3.0

We do all our development in AS3 now. If you'd like to reach out to a wider audience by taking advantage of lower version player requirements, we can develop using AS2. For in depth RIAs (Rich Interface Applications) and games, we speed our ActionScript development along using the PureMVC framework, available for AS2 and AS3 (and many other languages now!). Back end PHP coding for XML and MySQL integration into our Flash projects is sped up with the CodeIgniter framework.

Flash Lite

We love mobile development. We've worked with Flash Lite since its inception and are very impressed with 3.1's capabilities. While most people have been focusing on the iPhone and Android, there's a host of devices that support the Flash Lite platform (Sony Erickson and Nokia phones, just for starters)! If you're interested in deploying multimedia across the mobile network, you should consider deployment on Flash Lite.

We also develop for the Adobe AIR platform using Flash and AS3 and the PureMVC framework.

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