hyper3media has helped us with several database solutions customized for a variety of specific client needs. Tessa has created intuitive web-based administration tools to help us and our clients manage their site's databases effectively and easily. She makes sure she understands the clients' needs and then designs the best set of solutions available for their goals, within budget and on-time. Tessa is responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Jaime Martorano - Media Etc. Inc.

We can always pick up the phone and know that Tess will understand our overall vision, and technical requirements and translate them into a great result, using the most advanced technology available in the most cost effective manner. It is a pleasure to work with hyper3media.

Bree Burns - Producer

Tessa worked with me to create the website I envisioned on time and within budget. As a busy photographer, I wanted to be able to update and expand a flash based slideshow website without having to constantly go back to a flash designer. After a 15 minute initial phone consultation, Tessa provided me with an estimate, a timeline, and a mock up of my new site. And a few weeks later, Tessa delivered everything we agreed upon. Clients, photo editors, and industry professionals always compliment me on the clean design of my website, and I am happy with the seamless, easy to use solution Tessa came up with for me to keep my site up to date with my latest images.

Jamie Ziobro

Tessa has worked with us to develop several Flash-based solutions for our online courses. From complex timeline animation to large XML-driven applications, her work is quick, creative and on-budget. Intuitive & clean interface design is essential to our company and we can always rely on her contribution to help us exceed those standards. Most-importantly: Tessa “gets it”. Her ability to share in and contribute to our vision makes her an invaluable technical and creative resource.

Rick Guzman - VP Interactive Design

Tessa has helped us with several Flash-based solutions for a variety of specific client needs. Tessa is creative, on deadline and meets the budget. We especially appreciate the extra care she takes to make sure the Flash pieces have a responsible file-size and deploy properly across different platforms and browsers.

April Greenberg - Principal
Springthistle Design

Tessa goes far beyond any developer we've worked with. She's not only an amazing designer, she sees the big picture and always respects the realities of scheduling and budgets.

Barbara Martin - Creative Director

Probably because she has a solid background in print design and production, Tessa really understands our printing needs. It's great to know that, in addition to having just the right design, our pieces will go directly to the printer with all the printer's requirements met. It's a relief to know she will take care of all the details that need attention between the designer and the print shop.

April Greenberg - Principal
Springthistle Design

I hated my other hosting provider and was incredibly unhappy with the customer service. h3m moved me easily, quickly and seamlessly to a better provider. Tess is helpful and friendly and wonderfully non-judgemental. Just what a person, who is not exactly computer proficient, needs.

Kevin T Moore

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