WordPress is an open source web publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL. What can we say? We love it. From its user-friendly and intuitive admin interface that even our most "techno-phobe" clients have been able to easily understand and use, to its robust Plugin and Theme APIs which make it very easy for us to deliver just about anything we or the client can dream of, WordPress is our first choice recommendation for the majority of our clients setting up or revamping their websites.

Once thought of as "just a blog" WordPress has grown and matured over the years into a robust content management system that can handle some of the largest and most complex content sites we've seen. With over 200 million websites worldwide supported by WordPress, the community of theme frameworks, useful plugins and technical support just can't be beat.

We're so experienced in designing themes for WordPress, we wrote a book about it! WordPress 2.8 Theme Design, by Tessa Blakeley Silver is available via Packt Publishing. We're also working on an upcoming title: WordPress and jQuery. jQuery comes bundled with WordPress and is an excellent JavScript library for creating specific WordPress solutions and enhancements.

Thanks for your interest in our services. If you have any questions, please contact us: http://hyper3media.com/contact
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